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Key Benefits - Reduce risk of fire, optimize air flow, extend equipment life
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Access Panels
Elite provides and installs UL listed premium bolt-on doors in ducts to facilitate the cleaning of an area that would otherwise be inaccessible. Access panels enable our crew to provide a complete clean ensuring that your system meets the NFPA 96 fire code.

Hinge Kits
Elite provides and installs hinge kits that attach to fans on the roof. This is required by NFPA 96 to ensure the fan can be lifted and tipped securely for proper cleaning. Hinge kits are required by the NFPA 96 for all upblast fans and greatly reduce the deterioration of fan motors, housing, and electrical wiring that can occur during the cleaning process.

Elite provides maintenance of fan belts and cables. We also offer replacement pieces and installation of fan motors, pulleys, ball bearings, and expansion joints which often deteriorate due to the deposits of grease.

Water-Wash Hoods
Over time the nozzles in a water wash hood will become clogged with mineral deposits which hinder proper operation of the system.

Elite offers cleaning or total replacement of water wash nozzles to ensure proper operation of your system.
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